Sunday, October 17, 2010

Free Xbox Live And Gold Membership

Here is a simple and easy way to get free xbox live codes and ways to earn points gold membership. It has been a long hard search but i finally found a site which provided me codes and i was able to earn points and gold membership. It wasn't an easy work since there are many websites out there all claiming this and that. But the truth is they are fake. Made anly to steal your account information and other valuable details. You should never give away you account information to any website offering free xbox live codes. First step is to be safe.

First thing you need to do is to register an account to a certain website. Just make a new email account and sign up. Make sure you take note of this because the codes will be sent to that email address. Once registered, you will either answer surveys or play a game. It would just take a few minutes because you'll just answer 2-3 surveys and the games are pretty much easy. Every survey you do and game achievement you get will have a corresponding point. You can get the free xbox live codes and gold membership with those survey and game points you earn. Therefore, the more survey you do and games you play, the more chance to get more codes and gold membership. Just claim the codes and they will be sent to your email address. I got the free 3 month xbox live gold membership code the first time i tried the website.

This is a big chance for us. It is absolutely free, simple and easy method. The best part is you can repeat these steps therefore you don't have to worry once you run out of gold membership. I will be willing to share the website where i got the codes for those who would want it. Just be updated to this post and you will get your free xbox live codes in no time.